about us

Hi welcome to my Blog! I am Ramatou Souleymane, the creator of Nutridelices.

I am a Wife and a mother of two wonderful children, 7 years old and younger, who bring joy to every moment of my life. I am passionate about being creative, learning new things, and helping others. I cherish every moment I spend with my family; it is truly invaluable to me.

I grew up in Niger and completed all my education there. I learned English, achieved an ICAO level 4, and graduated in Industrial Automation with a specialization in Air Traffic Control. I was fortunate to work in this field for 4 years before transitioning to an even more challenging and rewarding role. For the past 2 years, I have chosen to be a full-time mom and it has been the most amazing time of my life.
As Baha'u'llah says, "The education and training of children are among the most meritorious acts of humanity." It's truly a blessing 😇 I've had the opportunity to travel from the North to the South and to the West of Africa before settling in America, and who knows where I'll end up next! I dedicate a quarter of my free time to cooking and creating because I believe cooking is an art, and I am passionate about the creativity it involves. This passion led me to share my recipes on Youtube, and then I thought, "Why not share them on a broader platform?" That's how I started my blogging journey! Every culture has its own unique recipes, and I find it fascinating how flavors can differ from one country to another. People all over the world have invented and created distinctive flavors that make them unique.