Gabou, Arôme traditionnel, traditional aroma

Gabou is an alimentary condiment used in Niger. It is used to give flavor and aroma to sauces. It has been used since antiquity to the present day. Ingredients: – 4 onions – 1 tsp of sesame

Special meal: stuffed roast chicken

There's nothing like a good roast chicken at a special celebration whether it's with family or friends. Moreover, it is even tastier when it is filled and accompanied by raw vegetables. In this recipe, I offer you a delicious roast chicken stuffed with couscous, peas and onions; all accompanied by fresh veggies: lettuce, tomato, lemon and hard-boiled egg.

“Cooking is not only preparing food to be palatable for consumption but it is a whole art that abounds in creativity and love..”

Mrs. Reza Ramatou